Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wealth Secret #4: Discipline

You wanna be wealthy? You got to be discipline. Discipline is the bedrock of great achievers. You can have a good thought, wonderful idea but when you lack discipline you cannot achieve anything. It takes discipline to sustain whatever project you are into. It takes discipline to wake up by 4am and go to bed by 3am the next day. It takes discipline to be multitasking. It takes discipline to stick to a project or an idea that seems unproductive at the beginning. These are the characters that make a billionaire. Billionaires are not lazy people, they do not procrastinate, they believed what should be defer should be done now. Discipline is what keeps the mind going despite the obstacles. Discipline is what sustains the “money” (if wealth should be defined in monetary terms). When you lack discipline, no matter how much you have, you will squander it.

It takes discipline to have a saving culture. Imagine yourself how many times you’ve tried to save and you find it difficult to do. It takes discipline to do that. The articles I post on my blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media, it takes discipline to do that. Discipline is doing what you like to do when you don’t like to it. Don’t have the mindset of having the “money” first before getting the discipline to sustain it, it will not work! Discipline first. Let me tell you one truth about money; money is a slave to anyone that understands it. You are not meant to work for money rather money to work for you. It’s only the untrained that work for money. Do you know you can sit at the comfort of your home and money works for you? Of course!!! That’s why I’m sharing the secrets to you. Count yourself favoured!!! That sounds braggadocios? Please pardon my language. But the truth must be told. GREAT!!! The Bible says “a rich man speaks rough” while a poor makes entreaties. Be Disciplined!!!.

Wealth Secret #3: Desire.

What you always desire always gravitate towards you. Likes beget likes and vice versa. Money tends to gravitate towards those that desire it. This is one of the universal laws of success. How is strong is your desire? The strength of your desire determines how fast or quick your desires will come to you. I always desire to be wealthier than whoever that is the current richest man in the world today. Yea! That’s my desire. What about you? The universe is not bias. It gives to you what you desire. You are responsible for your life. The Bible says “you shall have what you want” in other words, you shall get what you desire. If probably you think what I’m saying does not make any sense I believe the Holy Book “the Bible” does not lie. Whatsoever a man sows that’s what he reaps. The desires of your heart are your seeds. How you go about sowing them is your concern. Mind you whatever you sow is what you get.

Develop a desire to be wealthy. It’s never a crime. Have a strong desire to be great. Every great or wealthy men or women you see today came from the same human race with you. They were never created by a different God. The same God that made them made you. The only difference is that their desires were quite different from your desires. They always desire to be great and they became. If you are very thirsty, I mean extremely thirsty, how do you quench the thirst? You go for cups of water? Yea! Cups of water. The thirst is like your desires. It’s a hunger in you. It must be satisfied. Why not arouse your thirst for wealth or success? And you shall be filled. Hope this short piece is impactful? Till I meet you at the top.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wealth Secret #2: Vision.

How far can you see? The extent of your vision is the boundary of your estate. It’s the extent you can achieve. Just think of yourself and what your eyes do for you. That is exactly what vision does for anyone. Just as a body cannot really function without the eye, so also no one can achieve success without a vision. Vision is an integral part of wealth accumulation. Can you visualize that thing you want? It doesn’t matter how big or small it may be, but only if you can visualize it, it’s absolutely possible. Anything is possible. Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve. Vision is the brain behind every great accomplishment. Without vision, there would be no billionaires or millionaires. Every great billionaires or millionaires visualize. Your vision is powered and fuelled by the power of your IMAGINATION and the power of your imagination start from your THOUGHT. I believe you can see why we shared “thought” as our number secret Every great idea is clothed by the power of vision. Vision is what gives your ideas strength. Have you ever observed a blind man when he walks? I believe your guess is as correct as mine. Every blind man or woman finds it difficult to walk. There sight is always beclouded with darkness. A visionless man is a man walking in darkness. He can hardly see anything. What brought Bill Gate to where he is today is VISION. Just think of all the wealthy and great people you know around you or you have heard. Vision is what brought them to that state!! You can begin from where you are and begin to visualize the kind of life you want to have for yourself. Please note this; ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! There is no impossibility in real life. Impossibility simply means I’M POSSIBLE! The walls of barriers are not real. Just walk through them. I believe this article is impactful. More will be coming on wealth secrets.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Wealth Secret #1: Thought.

Thought is a very powerful element in Human being. Your life is a component of your thought. Where you are today is as a result of what you fed yourself years back. It doesn't who you think is responsible for the woes of your life. The truth is that your are solely responsible for your life. The thoughts you allowed to fill your mind are the things that make up your life on the outside. Life is from inside-out. What makes a man are words that proceed out of his mouth. Mind you your words are components of your thoughts. Lives operate like the computer system "garbage in garbage out". It's what you give to life it will definitely give you back. Likes attract likes. One of the secrets of the Millionaires and Billionaires is that they control what they think. They never think poor or talk poor. Even when everything around them seems to be working against them, they believe that they will still come out victorious. They always develop a positive mindset irrespective of the situation. They always think positive. Do you hear that? Yes, THEY THINK POSITVE. It takes discipline to do that. If you have a wrong thought about money, you will never attract money to your life. Millionaires always think great. You can begin today to practice it. It's the simplest exercise you can do. It doesn't cost anything to do it. All it will cost you is YOU and YOU. Start today!!!