Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wealth Secret #3: Desire.

What you always desire always gravitate towards you. Likes beget likes and vice versa. Money tends to gravitate towards those that desire it. This is one of the universal laws of success. How is strong is your desire? The strength of your desire determines how fast or quick your desires will come to you. I always desire to be wealthier than whoever that is the current richest man in the world today. Yea! That’s my desire. What about you? The universe is not bias. It gives to you what you desire. You are responsible for your life. The Bible says “you shall have what you want” in other words, you shall get what you desire. If probably you think what I’m saying does not make any sense I believe the Holy Book “the Bible” does not lie. Whatsoever a man sows that’s what he reaps. The desires of your heart are your seeds. How you go about sowing them is your concern. Mind you whatever you sow is what you get.

Develop a desire to be wealthy. It’s never a crime. Have a strong desire to be great. Every great or wealthy men or women you see today came from the same human race with you. They were never created by a different God. The same God that made them made you. The only difference is that their desires were quite different from your desires. They always desire to be great and they became. If you are very thirsty, I mean extremely thirsty, how do you quench the thirst? You go for cups of water? Yea! Cups of water. The thirst is like your desires. It’s a hunger in you. It must be satisfied. Why not arouse your thirst for wealth or success? And you shall be filled. Hope this short piece is impactful? Till I meet you at the top.

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