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The 5 Wealth Secrets That Made Bill Gates Very Rich And Successful

Bill Gates is one of the richest homo-sapiens on planet earth. And for the past 17 years, the computer software king has been America's richest! How did he make it? This short article x-rays the 5 Wealth Secrets that made Bill very rich and successful; and which you can adopt, adapt or modify to become rich and successful too. Please read on.

1. He Started Early.

Born in 1955, Bill's first contact with the computer was in 1968, at the tender age of 13. At that very young age, he became interested in computer software and programming, and used his school's computer to practice because computers were still very expensive to own. His interest and enthusiasm for programming was uncommon. It was passionate.

2. He Was Passionate And Committed.

Bill was very passionate about computer software and programming. Thus, as a student at Lakeside Prep School, he spent his days and nights designing and writing computer programs. Accordingly, this took a heavy toll on his academic performance, as classes were skipped and homework left undone.

At the Computer Centre Corporation, Bill and his friends crashed the system several times and even sabotaged the security system, all in their passionate quest to acquire new computer skills. But when they hacked into and altered the algorithm that recorded computer usage time, they were promptly banned for several weeks!

3. He Quickly Became His Own Boss.

Bill Gates started his university education at Harvard in 1973, but had to drop out in 1975, to take care of Business. With his friend Paul Allen, he setup Microsoft Corporation in 1975.

Obviously he dropped out of Harvard, not for lack of capacity for higher education, but because his heart was not in his studies. Bill was so committed to his dream that he refused to be distracted even by the allure of formal education at the prestigious Harvard University

4. He Added Great VALUE To The World.

While still at school, Bill and three of his colleagues setup a team called the Lakeside Programmers, on which platform they struck a deal with Computer Centre Corporation. The team reviewed computer programs to identified bugs and other problems. For this they were allowed unlimited computer usage time at the Centre. Hear him: "It was when we got free time at the Computer Centre that we really got into computers..."

Next, the Lakeside Programmers were hired by Information Science Incorporated to create a payroll program. And for this, they again got free computer time plus royalties from sales of the software.

For Traf-O-Data, Bill and his friend Allen created a software that helped measure traffic flow. This earned them about $20,000.

Under Microsoft Corporation, Bill developed the computer operating system software called WINDOWS. Put conservatively, WINDOWS runs in over 60% of all computers on planet earth! Bill gave the world great products and services, for which he was greatly rewarded.

5. He Generously Gave Back To Humanity.

Through his published books, Bill continues to increase the global pool of Knowledge; through his Products and Services, he continues to add Value to our lives; and through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he continues to give his Money away to bless and uplift Humanity. What better way to serve God and Man while enjoying yourself? And what else is the purpose of Life, after all?

For sure, Bill Gates will be remembered, not for what he took out of the world for himself, but for what he gave to the world of himself. And for being such a beautiful example and inspiration to Youths, I say: Thank you Bill!

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

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