Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wealth Secret #6: Desire Money!!!

Do you know why the Rich are Richer and the poor getting poorer? The rich always have desire for more money while the poor always criticize and complain. Money gravitates to those that need it. Money is a spirit! Money has intelligence! Unbelievable someone will say! Well, that’s the truth. When you have a strong desire for it, it has no choice than to come to you. Do you know what the billionaires always think of? Money! Money!! Money!!! Always looking out for investment opportunities where they could make more money. I love the way the rich think. What about you? The poor will keep getting poorer until they change their mindset about money. When a poor man sees a rich man, do you know the first thing that comes to his mind? BLOOD MONEY! They see every wealthy man as ritualist, who amasses wealth through some diabolical means. Not every rich man amasses wealth through some whatever means. In fact 90% of the Billionaires you see acquire their wealth through due process and legitimate means. When you do what they do and think how and what they think, money has no option than to locate you.

Strong desire for money will definitely cause money to locate you. Do you remember the law of attraction? I believe you do. Activate the law and see what happens to you. When you criticize the rich, and complain so much about money, your estate can never change. Make out time to be in the congregation of the rich and hear what they say or discuss. You will be marvel to hear how passionate they are about having more money. Aren’t you surprise to see the rich go after every penny that falls out from the wallet? And they don’t spend extravagantly. Their investment must yield returns. Some will say they are stingy, not really. The billionaires are great philanthropist. The only lifestyle they know is money, money, money. Desire money and money will locate you.

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