Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wealth Secret #8: Purpose Driven:

A man without purpose or purpose driven is like a gigantic ship without a rudder. Permit me to use some sarcastic words; the man is a wanderer, vagabond, an aimless person etc. it means he has no need for himself and does not have value for his existence. A man of such quality should expect nothing in life. Every man should have something that drives him. That THING that drives him is his PURPOSE. Purpose gives you direction in life. It defines how you go, where you should and why you should go. It creates a meaning to life. A purpose driven life makes life meaningful. Every billionaire or millionaire you have heard of is purpose driven. Without that, they couldn’t have achieved such height. Purpose makes you to design the kind of life you want to live. Life is all about what you give to it. It gives you a definite of purpose that means you know exactly what to do and how to do it. It brings you closer to your goals.

You cannot be a wanderer and expect to achieve success. Not possible! You cannot be aimless and expect to hit a predetermined target. You can only aim for something when there is a target. The “aim” is your purpose while the “target” is your goal. Bill Gate has always aim to be the world richest man. Being purpose driven he achieved it. Nothing is impossible to the mind that believes it. Be purpose driven.

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